Damage/Hydrotechnical works

The works performed by our company in this field are based on the results of the analysis of the requests of our beneficiaries.

Hydrotechnical works or embankments have been part of our portfolio for a long time. These types of works such as dams of lakes, regularization of watercourses or embankments are very efficiently performed with the help of the equipment provided by our team.

We perform such works with the main objective of protecting both aquatic and terrestrial habitats, protecting private or public goods, but also avoiding flooding. MIAD runs canals or dams and in general all works related to the consolidation of the banks using only their own machines.

With a great experience in the field we can execute hydrotechnical works and embankments with specialized personnel and high performance equipment:

  • earth dams
  • drills and reinforced concrete
  • embankments, canals
  • channels for pumping spaces
  • shore consolidation
  • gabions
  • shore protection