Our company performs dredging, cleaning of ponds, lakes, navigation or irrigation channels with specific equipment.

Our team prides itself on having a large portfolio of projects including some very important actions in the area of high-level clearance and dredging. Excavation of bottom and slip sediments is a stage that the MIAD team chose to deepen and present to the beneficiaries as a full service.

The objective of such a project is to facilitate the processes of navigation and the improvement of transport. Dredging is a vital element when your project is presented as a port, bridge, pillars, docks or other works that require a foundation on the bottom of a standing or flowing water. The most important aspect for such a project is the economic efficiency of the area benefiting from the work, but also the efficiency of water transport.

  • Amphibious excavator with long arm / short arm depending on water depth
  • Excavators with long arms
  • Dear bumper absorber equipped with Toyo pump with flow rate of approx. 800m3 / h and with a flexible exhaust pipe up to 400m in length
  • Amphibious equipment for cutting reeds and any vegetation